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Brunei, a tiny nation that was formerly a British protectorate, is on Borneo Island and contrasts between two foreign lands. Though modest, Brunei is a prosperous state as a result of the petroleum and gas exports, that has generated its annual percent income around $50,000.

Even though they can benefit from some benefits like free healthcare and education, residents of Brunei can’t gamble freely and lawfully as theirs is a Muslim state which prohibits all types of gaming. Among the essential laws of this state is the Frequent Gaming House Act.

Prescribes a prison sentence of one year plus a fine of 20,000 into the proprietor and operator of the hot gaming outfit.

Brunei law enforcement agencies show no mercy on people involved in illegal gaming — be it sports gambling, cockfighting casino gambling, or gambling. One of those detained was a foreigner, and they were penalized based on this Common as mentioned earlier Gaming House Act. The RBPF also took this as a chance to warn the occupants against gaming.

Lately, Reuters conducted a troubling report of the Sultanate of Brunei getting the first nation in East Asia to embrace the offender aspects of their sharia or law. This makes it very dangerous for anyone to gamble from the country.

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